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Alex Cortes

I strive to help people and companies build experiences that positively impact people's lives.

I'm Alex Cortes.

UX and Product Designer with over a decade of experience.

As a human-loving optimist and design thinker, I approach both experience design and leadership with a people focus, striving to establish empathetic thinking for the people who make and use the products and services I help bring to life.


Throughout my career, I've led design teams in IT consulting firms, startups, and large outsourcing players to create people-led experiences that meet both business and user needs.

My UX practice combines product design, design thinking, and UX strategy, all with a human-centric focus.

I hold a post-graduate degree in UX Design, which has helped me to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in the field.

I currently work for the Condo Group
 in Hamburg, Germany and there I'm building experiences for clients in the real estate market. 

About me

Real Estate investment enabled by artificial intelligence

I am a Senior Product Designer at Condo Group, leading the design and user experience of digital products for the Real Estate Industry.


The Top 3% of Freelance Talent®

I am part of the talent team at Toptal, working as a User Experience Designer for various clients around the world, creating designs and designing experiences for many different industries and areas.



We do much more than software.



Projects in which I acted as a consultant.


Condo Group 🇩🇪

Product Designer • Currently

Toptal 🇺🇸

Product Designer • 2022 

Exactaworks 🇧🇷

UX/UI Designer • 2019


User Experience Post-graduate

Universidade Anhembi Morumbi - 2021

Industrial and Product Design

USP Universidade de São Paulo - 2020

Featured in

Digital Innovation One 

Invillia 🇧🇷

UX/UI Designer • 2015

English CV
Portuguese CV
Get in touch
I'd love to have a coffee to chat about anything from design and technology to football and rock bands. Get in touch and we can arrange something.
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