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Comtele is a B2B platform that offers a range of tools for sending SMS messages.

Proprietário da empresa na oficina

A Brazilian messaging company

A platform with more than 10 years in the market. Offering SMS Marketing Solutions.


Design Challenge

Build a friendly platform that brings all the system's functionality intuitively, with clear communication and a complete menu of tools in web and mobile mode.

Casal com telefone móvel

Research data

According to research carried out by Mobile Time and Opinion Box, SMS is still the most used means of sending messages from brands and companies, rather than exchanging personal messages.

According to data collected, large companies, such as banks and insurance companies, use this channel to send automatic notifications to their customers. The survey shows that 51% of Brazilian Internet users receive SMS every day or almost every day. On the other hand, only 24% of respondents send SMS every day or almost every day. This disparity proves the assertion that today, SMS is a channel for receiving notifications, more unidirectional than bidirectional.

Another finding made by the survey is that the frequency of using WhatsApp for voice calls is falling. In the previous survey, conducted in July 2017, 57% of WhatsApp voice call users claimed to use this service every day or almost every day. Now that proportion has shrunk to 47%, down ten percentage points.

For this research, 2,007 Brazilian Internet users who have a cell phone were interviewed. The margin of error is 2.2 percentage points.

Check out the complete survey:

Design Process

The strategy was to conduct desk research to understand some preferences, consumption habits, and user needs and benchmark research in other pet apps to update the current interfaces.


Color Palette




Icon Library

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Design solutions

Create a complete web solution with access to a complete control panel, with dashboards that show real-time numbers, shipping schedules, credits, responses, investments, and deliveries.

Provide a menu with access tools for contacts, notifications, campaign programming, user profiles and accesses, integrations panel, blacklist, portfolio, submission screen, reports, and checkout.


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