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MHD is a collective workspace

in a small city in São Paulo.


The challenge was to understand the needs and preferences of users after the pandemic and how we could use some design solutions with a reduced budget.


• Loyalty resident companies

• Increase the minimum billing in the first 3 months.

• Attract university centers and distance learning courses


The survey was carried out between February 23 and March 1, 2022. This is an exploratory quantitative research that used samples and segmentation based on scientific premises.

of research

The survey results revealed important data about the behavior of coworking users and professionals that can be prospected or inserted into customer attraction campaigns.

Trabalhando juntos

Profiles interviewed

  1. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

  2. Self-employed professionals

  3. Business Purchasing Professionals

  4. Sales and Human Recruiter teams

  5. Postgraduate students

  6. IT teams and professionals

Prints of research results

Brand and Web Design

MHD is a collaborative workspace.

In this website and brand redesign project, I chose to bring the elegance of the Bauhaus concept to the elements, with modern and vibrant colors.

The client wasn't happy with the old brand and its positioning. In addition to the need to have a website with clear and objective information. My idea here was to bring some call to action and quick access for booking rooms in the shared workspace.

Protótipo de design


  1. Create a brand that speaks to the younger audience

  2. A website with "call to actions" for booking rooms

  3. Partnerships with schools and IT communities

  4. Social media planning with design studios

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Logo design

Brand Guidelines

This is a part of the manual that represents the rules for using the MHD Coworking logo and explanations on the use of typography, colors, and patterns chosen by the company.

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Color Scheme

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Futura is a sans-serif typeface considered as one of the symbols of modernism in graphic design. The font was designed in 1927 by Paul Renner based on rigidly geometric principles, inspired by the teachings of the Bauhaus.

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Illustrations suggest: Humaaans by Pablo Stanley

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