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LocumTree is a web and app solution that brings together part time pharmacists or self employers (Locums) and contracting pharmacies that offer their shifts through a schedule integrated into the app. 

Problem definition

The high demand for professionals in the pharmaceutical area revealed through research the opportunity to develop a web-responsive solution for contractors to make vacancies available and a mobile application for professionals to have access to them, facilitating hiring and filling vacancies more effectively and agile. This should generate a favorable movement in the economy of the local pharmaceutical sector.

LocumTree App

Research data

There are around 42,000 pharmacists across the UK and around 11,700 pharmacies across England alone. The pharmacy and the pharmacist perform two functions in the distribution of medicines: one sanitary and the other commercial. In every pharmacy, the presence of the pharmacist during its operation is mandatory, closing during the vacation period and in the occasional absence of the pharmacist.


Design a good user experience for 3 types of "personas" within the web platform.
Then, design the mobile experience for pharmacists, with simplicity in the execution of tasks and quick completion of goals.
Designing user-friendly interfaces with the same simple visual pattern and keeping the focus on usability.


My strategy was an application of the Design Sprint to validate some ideas with the development team and try to bring insights with more understanding about the project owners' desires and customers' needs, as well we found in the research.

Below, are some of the dynamics and artifacts I used during the creative process.

Work Process

Desk Research

Design Sprint


User journey map


UI Guidelines

Web Design

App Design


Usability tests


We have created a solution that allows professionals to manage shifts and schedules, set pay/hours/work, and submit payment notes by UK law. Pharmacies can record payments and post the availability of upcoming shifts to app users.
In addition, it collects professional data from Locums, generates a list of professionals for companies and a list of contracting pharmacies for pharmacists, significantly evolving big data.

Mobile Wireframes


Application launch


Web Admin

2.4 Locumtree-Registration Pharmacy - Payment policy – 3.png
Pharmacy Web-Portal - Locum Tree Admin Portal - Branche hours.png
Pharmacy Web-Portal - Locum Tree Admin Portal - Branch chosen.png
3.1 Pharmacy Web-Portal – Open Shift.png


Desktop & Laptop

Resolution: 1920px - 1440px

Margin: 165px - 50px

Desktop HD (1).png


Resolution: 320px - 767px

Margin: 16px





Color Scheme


Thank you

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