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My background


Game Design Post-graduate
Universidade Metropolitana 2022

As a game designer, the goal is to create from storytelling to electronic game interfaces for computers, tablets, smartphones, and video games. The role goes further, acting in all stages of production, from the initial idea and the definition of rules to the final validation tests and the dissemination of the game.

User Experience Post-graduate
Universidade Anhembi Morumbi 2021

Specialization in techniques, tools, hypothesis development, stakeholder research, and understanding best practices.

Application of digital products and services design processes and methods.

Strategic vision in the aspects of usability, interaction design, stakeholder research, innovation through design thinking, and information architecture.

Industrial and Product Design
USP Universidade de São Paulo 2020

This course was promoted by the Coursera platform with a focus on How to know your user, Usability and Rapid Prototyping, Information architecture and wireframe, Design principles, Accessibility and multi-platform, User interface elements, Company language, dealing with the client and copyright Monitoring, Measurement and Testing.


UX/UI Designer • Product Designer
Exactaworks 2022

Exacta is a software development company that designs systems mobile, web and automation, load and cloud migration testing. My role is being a leader of the design point of company design culture and employer branding activities, institutional design, UX strategies, design of interfaces, Sprint Design for digital products development.

UX/UI Designer • Product Designer
Factual 2019

Factual is a Research Institute specializing in qualitative, quantitative, market research, and usability tests. My role was strategic UX in projects, working as a consultant in product development, applying UX techniques from approach to project execution and delivery. I worked with market research, understanding collection and sample data using journey and empathy maps, blueprint canvas, personas creation, co-creation, wireframes, and tests.
Always facilitating Design Sprint to design products and improve services.

UI/UX Designer
Invillia 2017

Invillia Is a software development company and my role there was to coordinate the activities of institutional design, interface design, Sprint Design for digital product development applying UX techniques, from wireframes until final screens and delivery of projects using Agile Methodology.
I was directly linked to the project that brought us the first Great Place to Work label.