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 Scaelife is software developed to automate the processes of long-stay institutions for the elderly.

Scaelife offers innovative solutions for the management of assistance, operational and financial routines.

A cross-platform project

The system integrates an application for caregivers, a desktop web management system, an institutional website, and a blog.


Design a good user experience for different profiles within the same platform, minimizing the users' cognitive load.
Create nice and friendly interfaces for lawyers, data subjects, and companies.

The biggest problem that the company faced was the loss of important data in the medical records, as this data was entered together at the end of each shift of the professionals.


Create an intuitive and simple interface for elderly caregivers to input information to minimize possible errors that can harm the treatment of patients. 

The interfaces should be simple, with a clean and consistent visual pattern in the information and icons.

  • Collaborative Design Sprint:
    I initiated the project with a Design Sprint involving key team members to define design goals and strategies.


  • Insightful User Journey Map:
    I created a detailed User Journey Map to understand user needs and identify areas for improvement.


  • Functional Wireframes:
    I developed wireframes to outline the structure of both the mobile app and website, prioritizing functionality and user experience.


  • Coherent Mobile and Web Design:
    I worked on interface design for both mobile and web, maintaining visual and usability consistency.


  • Usable Interaction Design Study:
    I conducted an Interaction Design study focused on creating a user-friendly and intuitive experience.


After collecting and validating all the insights in our Design Sprint, the most viable solution we found was to provide a mobile solution for real-time patient verification and care. This considerably reduced the loss of patient data and, as a result, improved care, generating more business opportunities for the company.

Landing page
and Scaelife Blog

To meet the initial demand of having an address with all Scaelife services and solutions, a landing page was created with some CTA's for sales conversion.

Another point identified in the Design Sprint was the need for a repository of information and updates on the platform and news in the healthcare area for the elderly and special care clinics.

App mobile solution

The mobile solution came to revolutionize service in clinics that have the Scaelife system.
The results were so significant that, since the implementation of this version, the company's numbers have not stopped rising.
There was a significant increase in regular customers, a gain in the scalability of the platform, and in addition, the company had its valuation doubled.


Desktop & Laptop

Resolution: 1920px - 1440px

Margin: 165px - 50px

UI Desktop Grid


Resolution: 320px - 767px

Margin: 16px

UI Mobile Grid


Gotham and Poppins

Typescale image
Color Scheme image

Mobile App


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