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 Scaelife is software developed to automate the processes of long-stay institutions for the elderly.

Scaelife offers innovative solutions for the management of assistance, operational and financial routines.

A cross-platform project

  • Caregiver Application: I created an intuitive interface to facilitate information logging and personalized care provision.

  • Web Management System: I developed streamlined workflows and informative dashboards to streamline administrative tasks and provide precise insights.

  • Institutional Website: I ensured an engaging experience, highlighting the institution's values and services in an accessible and modern way.

  • Blog: I developed a visually appealing platform, providing valuable content for the caregiver and family community.


Design a seamless user experience tailored to diverse profiles on a unified platform, while minimizing cognitive load for users. Develop intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for lawyers, data subjects, and companies.

The primary challenge the company encountered was the loss of critical data within medical records. This occurred due to data entry being consolidated at the end of each shift by professionals.



Develop an intuitive and straightforward interface for elderly caregivers to input information, reducing the risk of errors that could compromise patient treatment.
Ensure simplicity through clean, consistent visual patterns in information and icons across interfaces.
  • Collaborative Design Sprint:
    I kickstarted the project by conducting a Design Sprint with key team members to establish design goals and strategies.


  • Insightful User Journey Map:
    I crafted a comprehensive User Journey Map to delve into user needs and pinpoint areas for enhancement.


  • Functional Wireframes:
    I produced wireframes delineating the structure of both the mobile app and website, prioritizing functionality and user experience.


  • Coherent Mobile and Web Design:
    I spearheaded interface design for both mobile and web platforms, ensuring visual and usability coherence.


  • Usable Interaction Design Study:
    I led an Interaction Design study focused on crafting a user-friendly and intuitive experience.


After collecting and validating all insights during our Design Sprint, we identified the most viable solution: implementing a mobile solution for real-time patient verification and care.

This approach significantly minimized the loss of patient data, consequently enhancing care quality and creating new business opportunities for the company.

Landing page
and Scaelife Blog

To address the initial demand for a centralized hub featuring all Scaelife services and solutions, we created a landing page supplemented with strategic calls-to-action to drive sales conversions.

Additionally, the Design Sprint highlighted the necessity for a comprehensive repository of platform updates and healthcare news tailored to the elderly and specialized care clinics.

App mobile solution

The introduction of the mobile solution revolutionised service delivery in clinics utilizing the Scaelife system.

The impact was profound, reflected in continuous growth in the company's metrics since its implementation.

Notable outcomes include a significant uptick in regular clientele, enhanced platform scalability, and a doubling of the company's valuation.

Mobile App


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